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Envido @ Green Mondays: top tips and outcomes from our roundtable Published: 18.06.2009 | Author: nathaliegoad | Category: Business
Last Monday carbon management experts Envido teamed up with carbon-offsetting company , Ecosecurities, to Chair a Green Mondays roundtable that looked at how organisations can develop, implement , market and reap the financial rewards of their carbon reduction strategies.

If you are in the process of planning a carbon reduction strategy for your organisation, these tips from industry specialists could help you!

Envido鈥檚 very own Gregor Margetson and Bernardo Lazo from Ecosecurities led the discussions, answering questions and gaining insights from other companies around the table on a set of 6 questions listed below- main outcomes are listed after each question:

1. Is cost-cutting on energybills enough incentive to reduce emissions?

The audience felt that whilst getting your own house in order through quick cost-cutting exercises is a good start , carbon reduction and energy saving goals can not be met over the long-term if organisations do not invest in awareness and training to engage staff and management in the whole process. It is only in this way that a carbon reduction strategy can be ingrained into business processes. An integrated solution that includes training and awareness is key to making real energy and money savings.

2. What are the main challenges faced by organisations to reduce their carbon emissions?

Audience members expressed concern over where to start when embarking on a strategy to reduce their emissions and- at a very basic level- how to go about measuring their carbon footprint. Another point raised was how organisations should prioritise their investments in carbon reduction technologies or services, such as Smart metering or awareness training. The ability to justify capital expenditure and show quick return on investment to Finance Directors and Senior Management was also highlighted as a main issue for the audience.

3. Setting targets: Has your organisation defined targets to reduce carbon emissions? Are these internal or communicated externally? Is it a long-term commitment?

The main issue raised from this question was how organisations can translate internal targets into meaningful targets for external communication. It was suggested that targets should be kept internal until organisations are sure they can meet them.

The example of Sky was given- Sky TV committed to going carbon neutral but failed to identify enough reductions. As a result, carbon offsets to make up the shortfall ended up costing them millions more than planned , and also generated a lot of negative publicity around their carbon reduction commitment.

4. How is your organisation managing its Greenhouse Gas inventory and implementing reductions? Internally, through consultants or through the use of a GHG management toolsoftware?

Audience members recommended the use of specialist carbon management and carbon offsetting companies, and the use of networking events like Green Mondays to get industry advice and examples of case studies. Very few companies have internal expertise on carbon issues , so many have to employ external consultants. They highlighted the drawbacks of carbon footprinting tools and recommended the use of specialist technology such as AMR metering and live display tools to fully capture the data needed to understand an organisation鈥檚 footprint and effect behaviour change amongst staff.
5. How is your organisation prioritizing the implementation or investment in emission reduction measures compared to other core business activities?

Organisations seem to prioritise investment in energy efficiency measures only when moving into new buildings and are less so in older buildings because of the seemingly daunting challenges around identifying energy use from old power plants and metering systems.

It was recommended that the focus on saving money through a carbon reduction strategy should be on implementing an integrated approach. This should include installing AMR technology to firstly help understand and monitor energy use. The data captured can be used to help identify areas of wastage and opportunites for savings. Lastly, any successful carbon reduction programme should include staff engagement and training programmes as it is through employees that real savings on energy bills can be made.

6.How to communicate the emission reduction efforts and commitments to stakeholders? How to engage employees and other internal stakeholders in the process?

It was strongly recommended that companies should avoid 鈥榞reenwashing鈥?and the use of annoting 鈥榞reenwashing鈥?terms (e.g. numbers of elephants, number of polar bears dying) that only serve to patronise audiences and deflect from the core messages- communications should focus on making staff aware of their impact on the environment in real terms and through highlighting their role in effecting big cost savings. Simple messaging is key.
If you would like more information on how to develop , implement and communicate your organisation鈥檚 carbon reduction strategy, contact Envido today on 0207 1990 090 or email us at:

Envido is an expert carbon management company that provides end-to-end solutions for companies who want to reduce their energy bills and their carbon emissions. Our product services (including Smart metering, environmental auditing , staff engagement programmes and training) can help your organisation save energy, save money and save carbon. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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